Kadoo in Schools

Kadoo offers Rugby Coaching to Primary Schools, so that Rugby can be introduced at an early age to increase the participation in the sport.


This is coached via TAG Rugby which is non contact. As well as key Rugby skills being developed such as passing & catching, children will develop multi purpose skills including agility & communication. For either KS1 or KS2.


Kadoo offers a free trial day for your school so that each age group can take part in a taster of what is to come. After the Free trial day Kadoo offers a 5 week after school at the start of every term. This is affordable price to the parent and if it is a new school each child gets a Free Kadoo branded Tshirt. Family Discount is also available.


Kadoo also offers In School coaching and PPA cover.

We also offer more advanced skills sessions to Secondary Schools such as the scrum, lineout, ruck and maul.

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